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Sports Travel & Accommodation (STA) provides free services which allow team members, parents, coaches, managers and Tournament Directors to concentrate on sport, while STA negotiates and secures the best rates possible to reduce your travel & accommodation expenses.

STA is a sports housing agency that works, free of charge, with Tournament Directors and Team Managers by securing blocks of hotel rooms at the best team rates, and manages reservations for the room blocks. STA specializes in Stay n’ Play and non-Stay n’ Play tournaments services, which allow team and sport organizers to focus on the thrill of sports, travel and play while feeling confident that they are receiving the best team rates for their tournament and teams’ accommodation!

STA’s experienced staff attend to all the details providing efficient, personable and industry standard service. You save money, are better able to focus on team ambitions, while enjoying the best accommodation rates where you want, when you want and at any sporting tournament, or event in North America!

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No matter what the sport or the location worldwide, we provide a comprehensive free tour and travel service. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our coordinators or even the president Neville Devir!


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