Sport Teams Accommodation (STA) offers services free of charge to organize and manage team accommodations all over North America!

STA is a sports housing company that works, free of charge, with Tournament Directors and Team Managers by securing blocks of hotel rooms at the lowest guaranteed team rates, and manages reservations for the room blocks. STA specializes in Stay n’ Play and non-Stay n’ Play tournaments services, which allow team and sport organizers to focus on the thrill of sports travel and play while feeling confident that they are receiving the guaranteed lowest team rates for their tournament and teams’ accommodation!

Stay n’ Play tournaments are becoming a widely accepted method of tournament organizational management. The Stay n’ Play policy requires teams to book rooms with a tournament-approved hotel(s) as a condition of tournament participation. Participating hotels provide a sponsorship fee (rebate), based on rooms occupied, to the hosting tournament sports association. Stay n’ Play tournaments are an efficient and exciting way of raising substantial funds for your sports organization and contributing to the enjoyment and continued development of players.

STA’s experienced, personable and trustworthy staff ensure that every requirement regarding accommodations is met and perfectly suited to your tournament and participating teams’ needs. STA negotiates with and has long standing contracts with an extensive portfolio of hotels, allowing STA to guarantee the best team rate available at every establishment. This allows each team to determine their accommodation experience at your tournament according to their respective budget.

Benefits of Hosting a Stay n’ Play Tournament:

  • Effortless and lucrative fundraising opportunity
  • Teams experience STA professionals pleasantly managing accommodations guaranteeing lowest team rates per hotel, providing an efficient service
  • Tournament Directors save oodles of time and energy on communications, planning and organizing hotels, teams, parents, players and reservations!
  • Fundraising that allows players, coaches and parents to focus on the fun and development of the sport rather than filling fundraising quotas
  • Hosting a tournament is a wonderful and memorable experience for your players!
  • Meeting new teams
  • Giving teams an opportunity to improve play through multi-games against new teams

Contact STA today for assistance with organizing your Stay n’ Play event!